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wild is the witch review

wild is the witch is a standalone urban fantasy following iris, after she (rather stupidly) releases a curse into the world, and how she goes about trying to stop it.

the concept of this book was well crafted. the idea behind it was really unique and fun. i enjoyed that i haven’t read anything similar to it before (that’s not to say there isn’t a similar book out there — i just haven’t read it yet). i just really loved the concept behind it all.

with most books, i either hate the characters or love them. unfortunately for this one, i wasn’t the biggest fan of the cast. iris had her moments when i didn’t mind her, but for the most part she was very annoying. and pike was no better. he was your stereotypical “mysterious boy” who’s hiding a dark past. in doing this, he’s unnecessarily rude to everyone around him.

that being said, the owl (who has a major part to play in the whole story, but isn’t actually a ‘main character’) was my favourite. while never saying a word, i felt he was a very sassy bird. (i have a soft spot for any animal characters okay?!)

that aside, the writing was very well done. i stayed hooked throughout the whole book. the worldbuilding was also amazing. there wasn’t too much detail, nor was there not enough.

all in all, it wild is the witch was a light hearted and entertaining read. it wasn’t particularly long, which i always love. i can easily see myself reading more books by this author.

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    It’s great that it was a quick and enjoyable read.

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    oooh I haven’t read too many urban fantasy books so I’ll have to pick this up!!! And yayyy glad to hear that world-building was amazing as well!!! But aww sorry that the characters were a bit annoying, (omg why was she so idiotic to release a curse into the real world??/😭😭😭)
    loved this review!!

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      thank you suhani!!

      and yeah, idk how she managed to release a curse. i would done something else, rather than tempt fate like that!

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