i received a copy of little thieves from hachette nz in exchange for an honest review.

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little thieves review

as far as retellings go, this ones up there as one of my favorites. the author does an excellent job reworking the original tale into something unique. little thieves is a fast paced, and exciting read.

i really enjoy how our main character, vanja, isn’t exactly a stellar person. she does a lot of questionable things. i really enjoy how the author used the anti hero in little thieves, as it adds so much character to the book. i wish it was something that was used more widely.

little thieves has a dark fairytale vibe, in the old timey German style, which i absolutely loved. the world building was on point. and the inclusion of LGBT+ relationships, including references to “daughters they thought were boys at birth”.

considering how much i enjoyed this book, I’ll definitely be reading the author’s other works sometime soon.

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    This sounds like an interesting book! I’m glad that you loved it! Thanks for sharing.

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      it was! thank you for stopping by

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    I do like a book with that dark fairy tale vibe. 🙂

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    This one is on my TBR and all I’ve seen are really good reviews for it. It makes me more excited to read it. Great review!

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      thank you!! i hope you enjoy it when you read it, it was truly magical

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    I’m glad you enjoyed this book! The cover is so beautiful. I love that it’s a fast paced story, those are my favorite. Thanks for sharing your review!

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      the cover is truly something special! thank you for stopping by!

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    WendyW says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this. I also like that its inclusionary.

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      i think we need more books that have casual inclusion like this one

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    okay i’m sold on this one now! wonderful review💜

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    The dark fairytale vibe sounds really cool.

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    Wow sounds like a book you really enjoyed! What a lovely review 🙂

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      thank you! and it was an amazing book

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    I loved this book as well! I haven’t read the original fairytale but really love the anti hero vibes and character development. great review!

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