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lemon review

lemon follows the death of hae-on, a beautiful school girl. the book follows various characters who all knew her or were somehow involved in her murder. described as a murder mystery, there wasn’t much mystery. this book focuses mainly on how each character handles the events – through anger, grief, and acceptance.

the hardest part of this book for me, is the cultural difference. asia has a different way of telling and reading stories. unfortunately, this one didn’t quite work for me, and i think the cultural difference is why.

each chapter is from a different year, and another character. majority of these characters are a mystery. we don’t know a lot about them. towards the end, we start to see previous characters return for a chapter. it becomes a bit confusing at this point, as none of the chapters are named (some of the characters aren’t either).

lemon handles some heavy topics, and does a good job of it. the author shows how complex the mind can be when dealing with a trauma such as murder. i like how each character reacted differently to the situation and how it affected their lives.

i also really enjoyed how the translator included little footnotes to explain what the author meant during certain parts (explanations of various social events, etc.)

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    awww, i’m sorry you didn’t enjoy this one! it can be hard to really be able to properly appreciate and enjoy books when they come from completely different💜

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      agreed! and i understand that other cultures have different ways of telling their stories!

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    I love the cover, a shame that you didn’t enjoyed it!

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      honestly, the cover is stunning!!

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    i was intrigued by the cover and the premise, sorry the narration didn’t work for you! nevertheless, the themes sound meaningful, i’ll be checking lemon out, thank you for the review <3

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      thank you! and i hope you enjoy it more than me.

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    Wow, the cover is so unique! And the premise sounds so good too!!! Sorry you didn’t enjoy this, i hate it when the characters are shown only for some time and we don’t get to know each one properly, either. But I think I’ll still give it a try, because THAT PREMISE!!

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      i think it’s a very good story – i just don’t think i’m the target audience. anyone expecting the answers to be handed to you in a pretty bow will be disappointed. it requires some thought. i hope you enjoy it, i’ve got some friends who did!
      (and yes, that cover is stunning!!)

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    Oooh this cover is gorgeous! I am really sorry you didn’t like it, it can be hard to enjoy a book if you are not the intended audience. I am definitely adding this to my TBR though as it sounds really good!

    BTW this is the first time I found your blog and I am so glad I did! You have a beautiful website and I love the way you have presented the content <3

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      thank you so much!! i really appreciate that.

      and i really hope you enjoy it more than i did!

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