i received a copy of girl, forgotten from harper collins nz in exchange for an honest review.

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girl, forgotten review

i don’t often say this, but girl forgotten was way better than pieces of her. the characters were more likeable and the plot was easier to follow. (whereas pieces of her had too many side characters to keep track and the time jumping was confusing).

while girl forgotten can technically be read as a standalone novel, i think pieces of her provides important character backstory that makes it worth the read. you don’t need to, but i found it helpful.

girl forgotten focuses on emily, a girl who was raped at a party and later murdered because of it; and andy, who’s trying to uncover the truth.

i felt for emily, i really did. she didn’t deserve any of what happened to her, despite what everyone else was telling her (that, as a rape victim, it was her fault). unfortunately, while she was trying to figure out what happened to her (she couldn’t remember – she was drugged), i found she got annoying. she was accusing everyone left and right and it felt repetitive and frustrating. (although, i can’t imagine how hard it would’ve been for someone to go through all that and not know the truth).

the plot was fast paced from beginning to end. i was constantly second guessing who i thought was the perpetrator (and surprised when i found out i was wildly wrong – and it as someone i didn’t even think about!).

overall, i really loved this book. karin slaughter is proving once again that she’s a phenomenal author.

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    Great review! This sounds like something I’d really enjoy, I love a good mystery and I think the themes in this are so relevant today. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

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      thank you so much! i agree that the themes are relevant for today!

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    WendyW says:

    I want to read this series. What a wonderful review, now I want to read it even more.

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      it’s an excellent series! i didn’t realise there was a tv show, so i’ll be watching that next!

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    ahhh i’m so glad you liked this one!! It looks FANTASTIC!! adored your review!! <3

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