i received a copy of the stand in from new south publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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the stand in review

the stand in is your typical average-girl-looks-like-someone-rich/famous book. i’m not saying this is a bad thing, as it’s something that i love and can’t get enough of. but it features a girl (named gracie), who just so happens to look like movie star fangli.

i loved both gracie and fangli, but the later was a quick favourite. i wish she played a bigger role in the book because i found her the most interesting. i also enjoyed seeing these two women become fast friends – with gracie showing fangli mundane things.

the plot twist at the end of the book was easily guessed within the first few chapters – the only downside to these types of books. i feel like it should’ve been revealed earlier on so something unexpected could happen at the end. despite this, i still enjoyed it.

the romance in the stand in was good at first, but felt repetitive after a while as it was gracie going on “publicity stunt” outings, and it felt like the same thing with a different location. i loved both the LI from the get go.

one thing i particularly enjoyed was the writing style. the tone was light and the writing flowed, making for a swift read. i also liked the use of doodle/planner lists. i love seeing doodles by the characters littered through the pages. it makes turning the page fun.

i enjoyed this book so much that i’ve added ‘the comeback’ (same author, unrelated series) to my tbr. lily chu has made it to my favourite author list, and i can’t wait to see what she writes next.

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    That book cover is gorgeous! Sounds like a fun, no-brainer, light read – I love reading such books in the middle of my heavier reads. I’ll add this to my light read TBR pile. 🙂

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      i definitely love reading books like this between those thick fantasy books. i hope you enjoy it.

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    WendyW says:

    I love a fun light read and I’m going to keep Luly Chu on my author radar.

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      i’m definitely looking forward to her next book, that’s for sure.

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    omg this looks so cute!!! and ahh that cover is STUNNING!! can’t wait to pick this up and i absolutely adored reading your review!!! <3

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      thank you suhani! i hope you enjoy reading it! and i agree, the cover is stunning!

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    This sounds like such a fun read!

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    hjfdhfsdhfsd am so so glad you enjoyed the book so much AND AM BASICALLY DESPERATE TO READ IT NOW?? SO MANY PEOPLE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT IM EXCITED??

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      yes!! i’ve seen so many raving reviews, and i was worried i wouldn’t like it — but i did!

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