i received a copy of and there he kept her from new south publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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and there he kept her review

and there he kept her is one of those books that just keeps you on your toes, and where you’re second guessing everyone at each turn. i was hooked from page one. the pacing was a nice medium and very consistent. oftentimes, books will start out strong, then dwindle in the middle before accelerating at max speed for the finale. in and there he kept her, it remained the same throughout, which i loved.

the characters were very likeable and interesting. i had certain favourites, and there were ones i didn’t really like. but as a whole, i enjoyed reading about each individual.

the only thing that i had an issue with was that the ending was far too easy. usually, mysteries are solved through “good old fashioned detective work”, whereas in this book, someone (the bad guy) did something towards the end that basically said “i’m the bad guy look at me!”. it didn’t feel like the characters deserved the ending as i felt they hadn’t earned it. (which is entirely personal preference. you might enjoy it!)

all in all, and there he kept her was a solid read with plenty of mystery. i look forward to reading the next book. (if there is one).

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    I prefer when characters earn the ending as well. Although, I often can overlook it in the whole book keeps me on my toes. I’m glad you enjoyed this one despite the ending.

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      i agree! the book as a whole was great.

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    WendyW says:

    That’s an interesting ending. I wonder why the author went that way?

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      definitely makes you wonder what the intention was.

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