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secrets so deep review

if you’re after a quick, fast paced read, then i know the perfect book for you!

secrets so deep is a nice sized fast paced book where something’s always happening. there’s a lot of intrigue and weird stuff happening in this book, enough to keep me flicking the pages.

the writing style was really nice – it made it an easy read. the prose was beautiful but not too flowery (if it’s too flowery, i get bored!).

the mystery was good, although i found i guessed some things fairly early on (but i still enjoyed it!). there was some hauntingly beautiful scenes, that really showcased the authors ability to write in this genre.

unfortunately, i found the romance was a bit over the top. it kinda took away from the actual storyline, and we could’ve gone without it entirely.

the only issue i had with this book was that the main character (avril) was immature and annoying at times. (but!! it’s a young adult novel, so i can’t fault the character or the author for this. i just thought i should point it out for full transparency).

this author has been on my tbr for a while – since the release of dark and shallow lies, which i still haven’t read (smh!!). i wish I’d picked up a book of hers sooner, as it was thoroughly enjoyed.

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    WendyW says:

    I love a good romance, but sometimes they are just thrown into a story with no real reason

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      yes! i’m glad someone understands.

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    Even though I want romance in pretty much every book I read, I do get what you’re saying. The romance has to be believable and relevant to what’s going on. I’m glad you enjoying this one despite its couple of flaws.

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      i’m glad you can agree. i like things to be relevant otherwise it should be edited down.

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