i received a copy of girl crush from hachette nz in exchange for an honest review.

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girlcrush review

i find this review a very difficult one to write. from start to finish, i really didn’t like this book. i personally found this to be a hot mess.

a big struggle for me was the characters. i really didn’t like them, nor could i relate to them in any way. they acted like thirteen year old girls, except they were adults.

the relationship between eartha and her best friend rose wasn’t the best either. i felt eartha didn’t treat her friend very well, nor did she ever apologize for the way she acted towards her. honestly, eartha was a bitch to her. and basically ignored anything rose ever said in regards to her queer experiences (as eartha is very naïve, even though rose tells her all these stories).

the writing style really didn’t work well. there was random passages where we got a bit of an overview of the situation, noted with time stamps. i found these really weird, and oddly formatted too.

aside from all of those things, the biggest issue i had with this book was how cringey it was. it’s worse than reading old text posts from 2012 tumblr. combined with the “dark comedy” aka downright cringey sexual innuendoes, i just couldn’t take it seriously. it was bad.

overall? i wish i hadn’t read this book. it felt like a waste of time.

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    WendyW says:

    Yikes! Good for you for finishing it.

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      it was a real struggle!

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