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the upper world review

i haven’t read a lot of science fiction recently. it used to be the only thing i’d read. the upper world provided a refreshing re-entry to the genre. it was an easy to read book, with likeable characters.

characters are always my favourite part of any book, and the upper world was no different. i absolutely loved our two main characters, esso and rhia. they’re from different points in time, which i found an interesting concept. it’s been done before, but i feel that the upper world did it better than a lot of other books.

i enjoyed watching esso go from his timeline to the future, and watching him grow. rhia, on the other hand, was a lot more relatable. i loved her, as she’s so headstrong.

my only issue with the upper world is that it felt a little too science-y. this could be because i didn’t like science in school, and it’s something that’s remained with me since. i did like, however, that the science wasn’t glossed over and fantasized. i like that there was a proper explanation for everything. (did i just contradict myself? 😂😂)

my absolute favourite thing about the upper world is the use of time travel. it’s easily one of my most favourite topics, and i felt the author handled it well.

overall, the upper world is a great novel for those who read a lot of scifi and those that don’t. and i can’t wait for the adaptation! it’s going to be awesome.

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    I haven’t read any time travel books in a while, but I have enjoyed them in the past. Great review, this book looks so interesting.

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      it was so good! and i’m the same, i haven’t read any in a long time (then suddenly two, one after the other!), but it’s nice to read them!

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