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the sky is everywhere review

i read this book just in time to watch the apple tv adaptation of it. i’m glad i read the book first because (while the movie was good) it wasn’t my cup of tea. i found the book better handled the grief better.

the movie was more of a comedy, whereas the book focuses on the loss of a loved one and how people react to it. the movie felt very lighthearted and entertaining, despite the book being less so. (that being said, i think the movie would a fun and entertaining watch for a younger audience).

the book itself was well written, although i found i struggled a bit with lennie as a character. she was too “quirky” and “different”, and it felt like she was trying too hard to be unique. not to mention, she frustrated me at so many turns!

on the other hand, the other characters were enjoyable. i really loved joe, and seeing how their relationship blossomed was very neat. i felt terrible for the adults in the sky is everywhere because lennie had a very selfish take on grief (almost as if no one else was allowed to feel bad. only she had that right *eye roll*).

characters aside, i found the romance hit or miss. while i enjoyed joe (mainly due to his interesting character), i really disliked the romance with lennie’s (dead) sisters boyfriend. i couldn’t imagine wanting to get together with my sisters (or any relatives) partners. i know it’s not crossing any lines, but it just feels wrong. and i just hate love triangles. i haven’t read a single one that i’ve actually enjoyed.

all in all, it wasn’t a bad book. but it also wasn’t amazing. i feel like a lot of things are forgivable seeing as the book was published in 2010, and the expectations in books at the time were different. i did read this in one sitting, which was a big plus.

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    Oooh I’ve read the I’ll give you the sun by jandy Nelson and really loved it, but I’ve never gotten around to this one and I haven’t watched the movie either! Loved your review💖

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      do you think you’ll get around to it? i find it hard to pick up books i that i used to love as my taste changes as i get older.

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    Loved reading your thoughts on The Sky Is Everywhere Chelsea, not sure I’ll find time to pick up the book but the adaptation sounds interesting. I absolutely adored I’ll Give You The Sun, definitely recommend that one if you need an emotional YA Contemporary & are looking for more depth to the characters! ♥

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      i have yet to check that one out, but it’s definitely on my tbr! if you can’t be bothered with the book, the movie is a quick watch.

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