i received a copy of slipping the noose from text publishing in exchange for an honest review.

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slipping the noose review

(please note: this book is a sequel to devil’s ballast).

prior to reading this book, i hadn’t realised it was actually a sequel. i found the first half to be very confusing as i’d missed a whole book. (i’ve changed my rating to reflect this, taking my initial confusion out of the equation). the second half was much better, once i got into the swing of things. although i found the writing very stiff and difficult to read, i did adjust to the authors way of writing towards the end.

i wasn’t a fan of how anne bonny was portrayed. as our protagonist, i was expecting someone a little more likeable. to put simply: she was unlikeable and not very badass (i mean, she kicked ass at the very end. but what about the rest of the book?)

the main reason i ended up loving this book was because of fletcher. he was loveable in that gruff-manly man kind of way. and i love the little twist we get about half way through.

the main thing i loved about slipping the noose was the inclusion of queer relationships. homosexuality was more accepted in the times of piracy and i’m glad the author chose to include it in this book. and the same with a gender queer character. (i’m unsure about gender identity during the time of pirates, but I’m assuming it’ll be along similar lines to sexuality – especially as there are known female pirates who dressed as men).

this book reminded me how much i loved black sails, and i’ve since gone back and rewatched all four seasons.

since finishing this book, i’ve been informed that there’s a first book which i plan to read sometime soon. (please don’t copy me. read devil’s ballast first).

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    WendyW says:

    I hate it when I get a book and Then realize there was one before it. Some series this is fine, and other series really depend on the earlier books.

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      after the initial confusion, it turned out to be a good read! i’ve never done this before and i felt really stupid upon discovering it 😂😂

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    ahh this actually sounds AMAZING??? I MEAN I AM OBVIOUSLY ALWAYS UP FOR PIRATES BUT ALSO QUEER CHARACTERS??? AJMASNHAJA I NEED IT RN (and i’ll definitely remember to read devil’s ballast first, haha) I LOVE YOUR REVIEW!! ALSO THAT PHOTO IS SOOOO PRETTY 😍

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      thank you so much! i really appreciate it 💕 we need more queer pirates!!

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