i received a copy of the audiobook from libro fm, in exchange for an honest review.

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the maidens was one of my most expected books this year. i was so excited to dive right into this dark academia tale.

i’d like to start the review off by discussing the narrator, seeing as i’m reviewing the audiobook.

i don’t normally listen to audio by british narrators. i can’t say it’s a choice, as majority of audiobooks are by americans. maybe i’m just not looking in the right places? idk.

anyway, the narrator of the maidens did such an excellent job. normally, i hate when the narrator puts on an accent, as it’s so fake and terrible, however this one was spot on for each and every accent she tried. (i can’t express how amazed i was by this).

as for the actual storyline, the plot twist was unexpected. i didn’t even suspect who it was until it was revealed at the end. aside from that, the characters were enjoyable but nothing special. i didn’t really connect well with any of them. and i personally felt that mariana wasn’t quite right in the head, she kept trying to solve the crime, that initially didn’t have anything to do with her.

aside from that, i actually didn’t like much of the maidens. it was an easy read, but i think that’s all because it was audio, which is always easy. the writing itself was so poetic and beautiful, but if i were to have actually read it, i would’ve struggled a lot.

the overall listening experience was good but i was expecting more thriller.

have you read the maidens? if so, tell me what you thought of it!


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    I felt the same – I thought it was fine but the characters weren’t particularly engaging and I wasn’t too gripped by it. The plot twist was the best part, really.

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      agreed, the plot twist was the best.

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    I would like to give this one a try eventually. Too bad it wasn’t more thrilling!

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      i wish it was, that was what i was expecting most. hopefully you enjoy it more if you get to read it.

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    I’m glad you still enjoyed this one! The narrator plays such an important role even if they aren’t the author too. 😮 Thanks for sharing!

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      agreed. thanks for stopping by.

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    Nice review. I agree a good narrator can make a book! Bad ones can really break a good book too.

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    I’ve never actually tried audiobooks would you recommend giving them a go or sticking to reading books myself? I’m not sure I’d concentrate properly if I listened to an audiobook tbh that’s my biggest concern

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      here’s what i do, and i recommend you try, because i have the same concentration problems: listen to the audiobook, and read along with a physical book at the same time. i’m a terribly slow reader so this is way faster and easier for me. depending on your audiobook player, i like to play mine at 3x speed, sometimes 3.5 if the narrator has a nice voice. speed depends on your interpretation skills, i’m used to it fairly fast whereas some aren’t. if you’re unure, try audible for a free trial and see if you like using them.

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        That’s a good idea I’ll give it a go. I’ll probably start off with something short from the library to get a taste of it and see if I like them or not

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          hopefully you enjoy it!!

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    Great review! I also have an ALC from librofm, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m happy to hear the narrator is good though, that makes such a big difference!

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      it really does!! personally, i really hated the narrator for realm breaker, she definitely ruined that book for me. such a shame too. i hope you enjoy the maidens if you decide to give it a go.

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    Sorry the book itself was disappointing.

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      have you read it? if so, i’m curious to know your thoughts.

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    Sounds Interesting! Adding to my TBR.

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      i hope you enjoy it!

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    I’m glad to see that you liked this one! I’ve had it for a while; I got it in a book box, and I love the cover and the premise and am hoping to read it soon. Great review!

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      honestly, the cover is so good!!

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