i received a copy of midnight in everwood from harper collins in exchange for an honest review.

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midnight in everwood review

midnight in everwood is a truly magical read. from start to finish, there’s hints at the nutcracker (which it’s a retelling of). the vibes of the setting are so well written.

starting off strong, midnight in everwood introduces us to the world of Nottingham in 1906. Marietta is a strong mc with a passion for ballet.

everwood is a special place, where Marietta finds herself stuck. it gave very strong caraval vibes. there was lots of discreet warnings, reminding the reader that although it’s a mystical place, something dangerous is going on.

the characters were well written, and i enjoyed reading about each of their stories. Marietta began to annoy me about half way, although this was resolved before the ending.

i felt the romance was very insta love, which i can’t stand. being less than 300 pages didn’t do it any favours.

admittedly, there was a slow spot about half way through when things got a little boring but i felt the ending more than made up for it.

overall, midnight in everwood was a fun read and an excellent retelling. i particularly loved listening to the nutcracker soundtrack while reading it šŸ˜Ž

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    Aaah, this book sounds SO GOOD!! I’ve never heard of it before this, but definitely going onto my TBR (you had me completely at ballet)! And that cover too, it looks GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for the lovely review!!

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      i love the usa cover (and i think the anz hardcover?) as there’s a little ballerina on the cover! i hope you enjoy it!!

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    I haven’t read a nutcracker retelling before (i liked the barbie movie though lol) so this sounds so interesting! Minus the insta-love of course. Great review!šŸ’œ

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      i think insta-love is something that varies from person to person. i’ve read a few reviews that don’t even mention it! prior to this book, i hadn’t read any nutcracker retellings either, and i haven’t seen the barbie movie! i hope you enjoy it if/when you read it!

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    WendyW says:

    I love a good re telling. Great review!

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      i do too! and thank you so much wendy!

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    What a great review! Iā€™m glad to hear you enjoyed this retelling, it sounds like a nice read.

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      thank you, and it was!

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    Wow this seems so unique and interesting, I loved reading your review!šŸ’•

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    This book sounds really interesting and wintery! I love that it’s a retelling of The Nutcracker, as I haven’t read something like that before šŸ˜Š

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      neither had i! i was very intrigued by the concept. it was definitely a unique read!

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