i received a copy of take me with you when you go from penguin nz in exchange for an honest review.

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take me with you when you go review

take me with you when you go was the first book i’ve read by either author, and based of my experience, it won’t be the last!

i really enjoyed how the authors handled some of the heavier stuff. i thought it was well written, and researched.

as for the characters: i wasn’t bea’s biggest fan. i felt that she was very selfish and rude. she doesn’t think of the consequences of her actions to those around her. i understand that there’s some mental illness in the mix here, but i couldn’t help but not like her. i also want to know why she had to discreetly run away without telling anybody? she’s over 18, legally an adult. if she wanted to leave home, her parents couldn’t stop her.

aide from that, i loved all the other characters (aside from bea’s parents). ezra was great to read about, i really felt bad for him and what he had to go through.

franco and irene deserve their own paragraph, but idk what to say about them except they’re lovely people who deserve the world.

the ending was really nice and wholesome. i like that everything was rounded off with a nice little bow.

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    Wonderful review. I have not heard of this book or authors, but I’ll be looking out for them.

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      the authors are fairly well known, but this is the first book i’ve read by either of them

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    Great review! I actually adore unlikable protagonists, I think they make books so interesting so that’s something that’s pushing me to pick this up haha. 🙂

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      i hope you enjoy it if/when you do!

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    Great review! I haven’t seen this book yet, but I do like a good contemporary.

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      it was worth the read!

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