i received a copy of she gets the girl from simon and schuster au in exchange for an honest review.

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she gets the girl review

can we take a moment to appreciate the cover?? isn’t it stunning!

she gets the girl was a cute romcom style book (which i don’t read nearly enough of!!). it was filled with moments that had me grinning.

the characters were highly adorable. it couldn’t have been more obvious with how they felt about one another. alex and molly couldn’t be more unalike, yet complimented each other well. and. i. coudn’t. get. enough. of. it.

although being a romance, i found the plot wasn’t lacking (where often romance focuses on character arcs rather than a plot). i was hooked from start to finish. (i believe i finished this in a day … it was good, okay?!).

she gets the girl is about a shy girl wanting to ask her crush out. alex comes along and offers to help her out (as she hopes to prove her friendship to her girlfriend [who thinks she’s a flirt who can’t make friends]). (i really can’t say more without ruining it. but please do yourself a favour and go read it.)

i guess i should also mention that it’s gay™. like, very gay. it was everything i could’ve hoped for in a book and more. i truly recommend it to anyone and everyone (even if you’re not the biggest romance reader like me).

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    I’ve been seeing this book around quite a bit and I keep hearing how incredible it is. Great review!

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      it’s worth the read and the hype!

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    omg I’ve heard such amazing things about this and I’m glad you liked it!!! I really have to pick it up someday ahhh

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      yesss!! i hope you enjoy it!

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    so glad that you loved this one and same here, I don’t read nearly enough romcoms / romances but I’m planning to read even more this summer! Having such a fun time & that cover, so pretty chelsea! Awesome review 💞

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      i’m definitely reading more lately than i ever used to (i just finished and adored book lovers!) but i hope to make it a regular thing. it’s a nice break from fantasy/mystery.

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    omgggg YESSS!!! THIS BOOK IS SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE BEST THING I’VE EVER READ AND!!! I!! LOVE!!! the characters were so amazing and THE COVER!!

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      ahhh!! i’m so glad you loved it!!

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    This seems like such a fun read! I’ve been wanting to pick up a book with romcom vibes, but who knows? Maybe this is the one I’ve been looking for!!

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      i hope it is! it’s worth the read.

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