i received a copy of scarred from new south publishing in exchange for an honest review.

to read my review of book one (hooked), follow this link.

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scarred review

scarred is a sequel to hooked. my warning for the first book also applies to this one: it’s a dark romance with some dark themes. it isn’t suitable for younger audiences or those with certain triggers.

where hooked was a peter pan retelling, scarred is a lion king one! it took me a bit of googling to figure that out, as i was never much of a lion king fan and didn’t notice it right away.

one thing i love about emily mcintire is her writing style. everything flowed nicely. it wasn’t flowery prose but it also wasn’t “wattpad style”. the pacing in this book was much slower which resulted in me being rather bored, but it was still easy to read and didn’t have me going back and rereading certain parts because i missed something.

unfortunately, i found the characters in scarred didn’t hold my interest. i found them bland and uninteresting. it didn’t help that the pacing was much slower. i found nothing really held my interest in this book.

another thing i felt iffy on, is the setting. the first book was present day (cell phones, etc), whereas this one was more vague. there was mentions of “automobiles”, so it wasn’t too old but it put it in an awkward place. i found the setting really didn’t work well for this book.

while this is my least favourite of the first three, the series as a whole is still really good and something i would highly recommend to those who like dark romance.

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    Evelyn says:

    Not a sequel to “Hooked”. It’s in the same series but all the books in the series are standalones.

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