i received a copy of cruella from simon and schuster in exchange for an honest review.

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cruella review

while i haven’t seen the movie yet, but i found the manga to be a very interesting read, providing a fresh look into cruella as an indidual. it delved into the history of estella, which i didn’t know previously. (i’m unsure the movie goes over the details). being a movie adaptation, i really look forward to watching the new movie (yes, i’m surprised i haven’t seen it either!!)

the plot wasn’t particularly interesting, and i assume it’s of no fault to the author (being a film adaptation). the characters weren’t particularly likeable either. however, i found learning about the history of a disney villain to be very fun. i love villain origin stories, and will definitely enjoy reading more along similar lines.

while it wasn’t the best book i’ve read, it was still interesting and i devoured it in one sitting! i loved the artwork, and think the author did a fantastic job on what they had to work with.

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    I absolutely adore villain backstories too, AND THIS ONE SOUNDS AMAZING! Definitely picking it up first chance I get! Thanks so much for the rec!

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      YES!! i hope you enjoy it!

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    I like these explorations of villains that Disney is doing. Wish the plot was stronger though

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      i think it’s a wonderful idea! i usually love villain origin stories as it gives so much insight to their characters.

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    I’ve not read this version but I did read the YA novel Cruella and it really was interesting to imagine a backstory for such a well known villain.

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      i haven’t read that one, but i’ll have to check it out!!

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    WendyW says:

    Very interesting to see how Cruella got so evil. And that cover is so cool!

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      the cover really is something!! so pretty.

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    This looks pretty good, I haven’t seen the movie either but I’d like to😁

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      well, when you watch it i hope you enjoy it! i hope to watch it sometime soon.

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    Ahhh this sounds so so good!! I ADORED the movie, and I can’t wait to get to this!

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      i hope you enjoy it if you get around to reading it.

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    Being honest, I’ve never thought of Cruella’s backstory but now that you mention it, I’m intrigued! Now I want to know the backstories of all the overlooked villains haha.

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      i’m really loving all these origin stories that’re coming out lately. i think they’re fun!

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